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Welcome to Elephant Links

Elephants are amazing. They are beautiful, yet dangerous; majestic, yet their survival is in jeopardy.

Elephants have had profound effects on culture, nowhere more so than in India where Ganesh, a popular Hindu god, takes the form of half elephant, half human. They are huge, and move so gracefully. Their form is unique. They have an incredible memory.

Like many people, I collect elephants. Not the real ones, though--my back yard isn't quite large enough. Besides, I'm not all that happy about having elephants locked up in enclosures.

This site is a collection of links to elephant-related information.

Elephant Appreciation Day

Don't miss Elephant Appreciation Day on September 22.


Blogger Trevor said...

Hi. I am a boy who shares your interest in elephants. I agree they are beautiful and I, too, collect elephants (small ones, because the real ones couldn't fit in my backyard either). Whenever I see elephants in circuses or zoos I think to myself, if only I could free them I would.

You can see my blog at http://wizardsandelephants.blogspot.com/

10:54 AM  
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