Elephant Links

This site provides links to the best elephant resources on the net.

General elephant info

  • Elephant Consult: this is Dan Koehl's information-rich site that has been online since 1995.
  • Elephanteria: a gorgeous site of packed full of goodies for elephant lovers of all ages, including elephant art, elephant news central, kids stuff, books, t-shirts, and information on Elephant Appreciation Day. They have a very extensive listing of elephant sites online, as well as information on where to see elephants in the real world.
  • Elephant glossary: a little awkwardly-written, since the main version is in German.
  • Selected list of references on elephants: is a bibliography of reference sources from the Encyclopedia Smithsonian.
  • Elephant Webring: a connected collection of elephant sites. Those who host elephant sites are invited to join the webring.


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