Elephant Links

This site provides links to the best elephant resources on the net.

Elephants in captivity

  • Asian elephants at the Smithsonian zoo: Asian elephants are endangered in the wild, where perhaps only about 30,000 still live in forests of south and southeast Asia.
  • Elephant Manager's Association: a non-profit organisation that provides a forum for the transfer of knowledge on the veterinary care, training, treatment, behavioral studies, breeding, and habitat enrichment for elephants worldwide.
  • Elephant Nature Park: located in Thailand, the park houses over 40 elephants and acts as a tourist destination for visitors who can learn about and interact with Asian elephants.
  • Performing Animal Welfare Society: is a sanctuary for abandoned or abused performing animals. They currently have three Asian elephants and two African elephants in care.
  • RBBB Centre for Elephant Conservation: is a breeding and retirement facility for elephants, owned by the circus company Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey.
  • Carson and Barnes circus: information about the elephants used in the Carson and Barnes circus including the very sad story of the death of Jennie.
  • Thailand's talented elephants: is a discussion of the role which elephants have played in Thai culture.


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